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Feb 2, 2014

Where is the Land of Endless Possibilities?

                           (Part 1)

No, it is not the USA!
Columbus did miss it by then…
It is India!

I have just been there again. 
This time I was in the South. 
Don’t leave! I am not going to tire you
with a travel report,
but to share with you some of my personal impressions:

Talking about the Indian way of
“Endless Possibilities”,

here are some examples:

In spite of the typical image of misery,
we, the people from the western world have,
Indian village people do not look sad.
They smile a lot, and are very friendly.
They like to communicate.
They ask you to take their picture
and invite you to their homes.
They are curious about the tourists

the same way we are curious about them!

This is enough for now, because 

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  1. Wow Vita
    What beautiful pictures,
    I really want to visit India ...
    You know - my husband's parents from India ...
    But he really did not like the idea to travel there ..
    Waiting for the rest of your post .:)

    1. We have been in Cuchin, where there was a great Jewish community, and visited the synagogue there. It was Christmass, and we watched the local celebration.
      It is a wonderful place. I am sure you will enjoy this place!