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Aug 25, 2013

What  became of it?

(My New Collection)

Recently, I have launched a new collection of stylized leaves,
and I would like to share with you the process of creating them.

The inspiration for this collection, was born many years ago,
when I was a high school student.
During classes, in the rare moments when I was not chatting
with my friends (not via phones of course, but by notes…),
I used to scribble in my notebook.
Gradually, these scribbles turned into patterns.
(Is it familiar to you?)
Here is one of my favorite patterns:

I could not imagine  then, that it would become a 
modulus for my jewelry collectionZAs in the future…
Now, I have made several versions of this pattern,
in three sizes.
Here are the molded items:

And, like a child,  I began “playing” with them,
and making different combinations. For instance:

Now – to the hand work:
The soldering, which is the first stage,
is (for me) the easiest act.

And then comes the “ hard work”, literally,

both dirty and exhausting : 
Levitating, cleansing,  finishing, shining and cleansing
again and again.

This is how it looks after  cleaning the solded item:

Finally, after this long process,
here is my

  Stylized Leaves Collection :






Come on,  join my creation process:
Share with me your  combination of these motives – 
Send it to me, and the first sample 
will be yours for free!


Aug 13, 2013

Iceland: Mother Earth Doesn’t Rest

this is  not going to be just another  travel report
(one of hundreds online),
but sporadic, and definitely personal reflections
on my recent trip to Iceland:

 “Earth’s Inner  Workings”

This is the place where I felt very close to our planet!
The soil is “raw”, “hot”,- “ just coming out from the “oven”…
In geological time, the lava  eruptions of the last 200 years,
not to mention 20 years ago,
are happening now, as we speak!

The soil is black, almost moonlike.
Fresh green felt-like moss, which is spread over
miles and miles, softens the harsh and sober look of
the black lava “desert”. 

Inter-Continental Meeting”

Two tectonic plates meet here,
the North-American and the Euro-Asian plates.

It is not  virtual!
This is the only place in the world, where this meeting,
or clash, happens on land.
Seeing a natural phenomenon like this, is exciting!
This is where it happens:

Flowers and Leaves:

The flowers are so tiny and low (because of the strong winds).
They grow in “colonies”, like dots ,
like islands of color, joy and life in  the black lifeless,
and somewhat  frightening lava.

And the leaves:
(you already know that I love leaves…)
They are so “human” with their furry “ hair”
which protects them from the wind and the cold.


This is typical shelf in a supermarket!

People still knit here!
All, well, almost all the woolen stuff in the shops
is handmade.
Beautiful !
Is this what the Icelanders do during their long “winter’s sleep”?

This is me knitting the collective scarf, in one of the hostels.
Remembering old times…

And finally -

How can I ignore them?
These mysterious things!

An iceberg is a combination of amazing colors,
which in fact, are “time capsules”.
Stormy winters, dry seasons, lava eruptions,
all are “commemorated” in the layers of colors.

Seeing it,  made me feel like I was  experiencing
“The Sublime”.
Me, the tiny fragile human being,
in front of the giant natural powers…
It also reminded me the romantic movement
of the 19th century

Caspar David Friedrich, “The See of Ice”, 1823-24.

------     --------      ----------

Here is my tribute to the Icelandic icebergs:

And to the beautiful rocks:

Please write your comments below.

Looking forward to hear from you soon,