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Feb 23, 2013

Is  it “Wow” or “Yuck”


(About Kitsch in Art)

post  no.2


What about Contemporary Art?


The Post-Modernism of  which  heyday was in the 1980s, reinforced
the tendency of mixing “high” and “low” art and of challenging the
elitist attitude of the artistic establishment.

Jeff Koons, Puppy,(1992).
A floral statue of a dog at the entrance of the
Guggenheim Bilbao museum. 


The subversive and ironic  approach of the Post-Modernists, against modern images, caused the artists to use kitschy images as bad and  negative examples of the culture of the past. Again, Kitsch was taken out of its context, but  was given a different meaning from that of the Pop-Art.

Jeff koons, Baloon Dog, 1994.
At the Chateau de Versailles.  


Still – in one way or another – Kitsch  was present in museums…


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Talking of Kitsch - 
I cannot  ignore my kitschy and cute butterflies!


Butterfly is a  beautiful  animal .
So beautiful that any photo of it seems “gaudy as a butterfly”,and is suspected as a manipulated Kitsch.
Here are butterfly photos, taken in the Alps during the Tour de-Mont Blanc.
(I am an experienced trekker for the last 26 years…)





The cliché  meaning of the butterfly is – Freedom.
But for me it is the symbol of the uniqueness of life.
Life is beautiful  and colorful as a butterfly
But is  short as its’ life...
We must enjoy it!
Make the best of this wonderful gift!

Here are my butterfy jewels:


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Feb 14, 2013

Is it “Wow” or “Yuck”?

(About Kitsch in Art)
Post no. 1
Valentine’s Day is an appropriate  excuse  to talk about
Kitsch, since its images are well-known clichés.
The term Kitsch (German in origin), refers to a mass-produced art
or design,
and  is used to describe gaudy objects, which are considered to have popular appeal.

 Its historical origins go back to the recently unified Germany,
 i.e. to the 1870s. Kitsch described objects and a way  of  life ,
which were the result of the vast urbanization and the mass-
production due to the industrial revolution.
From its very beginning, it was more popular and more consumed than
classical Art.
From the very beginning, and in spite of its popularity, Kitsch had
negative connotations, and  was considered “low” and “bad” art.
We can identify three main  characteristics  in a Kitschy object:

 1.       The subject-matter is highly emotionally  charged  and appealing.
How can one be indifferent in front of a baby, a child
(especially if he cries…) a sad clown, or a cute pet?

  • Butterfly Princess Newborn Headband Photo Prop Glitter Butterfly Baby Headband

2.    Kitsch is based on deeply rooted and widely recognized conventions and icons
       of its time:Kiss, heart = love. Eifel tower=Paris and so on.
It is immediately understood by the viewer or the consumer.
3.   Its target is – amusement!  It is made for the hard-working and poorly-educated masses, seeking a relief from boredom and avoiding intellectual effort.

Kitsch is based on reality, but it optimizes and beautifies it. 




In the beginning of the 20th century, the elitist  Avant Garde
movements , developed a repulsive and patronizing attitude towards
Kitsch. “Low” and “bad” Art was driven out of the museums.
But not for long.

Gradually, artists assimilated the esthetics of mass production, first
in Europe, and towards the mid-century, mainly  in the United States.
The American Pop-Art embraced popular and Kitschy images, and used
Mass-production  techniques.

       Roy Lichtenstein, A kiss, 1962


       Claes Oldenburg, Floor Burger ( Giant Hamburger), 1962.

The artists described urban and suburban popular culture, but by taking
 this “low art” out of its original context,they turned it into symbols,
 with wider meaning.
Low Art re-entered the museums in the guise of symbols…

 R. Hamilton ,
Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?
collage, 1956.

      Andy Warhol (1928-1987), Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962), 1962, Screen PrintPlease ioin Pin Up (A Documentary) on  Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

      Andy Warhol,  Marilyn Monroe 1962.

This is all for today.
The Kitsch story will continue in my next post.

What is your favorite  photo in this post? 
Leave your comment below.



Feb 10, 2013

Rendezvous  in my studio


Come meet me at my “studio”.
I put quotation marks on that word, since in my mind
studio is a big working shop, an  atelier…
But as you will see, I am working in much smaller and modest place.
In fact – the real studio is in my mind ,in my imagination,
of which I cannot take photos…

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Thank you


Feb 3, 2013




We all know  that  both colors of  red and pink, are symbols of love,
and that they are connected to
Valentine’s  Day.

Then – what is the difference?    What color to choose?

Well – the two colors differ in meaning: Red color is associated with the physical aspects of love, it refers to passionate love. Pink color is associated with the spiritual aspects of love,
n un-conditional and enduring love, what we call
“TLC” – tender, love, care. 
And also a self-love,which  is essential
for giving love to others…

In 1983, the artists Christo and Jean-Claude, launched a huge  and ambitious one-of-a-kind installation  (of which only the preparatory drawings and the photos remain): They wrapped the coastlines of  11 uninhabited islands in Biscayne Bay, in Miami with pink woven synthetic fabric. The artists did not explain their choice of pink color,but from the point of view of  pink symbolism, it seems they wrapped  Nature  with tender and caring love…

when we choose our presents to our loved ones, we have to consider the color…

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What present would you like to get, red or pink?

Please share in the comments here below.

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