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Jun 22, 2013

What this has to do with jewelry???

I’ll answer that later, but first –
for those who wondered
why I have uploaded fewer posts lately,
here is the reason:

I am researching this contemporary artist,
as my last duty for my MA degree in History of
Learn about his work and watch this video,
taken in an exhibitionin Berlin, last year.
It represents most of his latest work.

Eliasson creates for us, the spectators, experiences and phenomena,
and invites to take an active part in them and, in fact,
to be elements in his artistic work.
(Look at the people performing with their multi-shadows…)

I wander:

What is the difference between his artistic works
and the spectacles we see in amusement parks like
“Disney World”?
Does the fact that his creations are exhibited in museums,
makes them pieces of Art?

I  am  trying to answer these questions in my small and humble
research thesis…

What does all of this have  to do with jewelry???



…Except for the fact that I am the same person
who makes the jewelry…And maybe, maybe, certain features
my  studying of Art…

For instance, here are  my  “astronomic” earrings,
which are reminiscent of celestial objects:

Here is our beautiful planet earth –


 And this is the full moon:

I’ll be very glad to hear your opinion about “spectacles” in museums.

and about my earrings.

Please, leave your comment below.

See you soon,


Jun 7, 2013



What Was Once Upon a Time?

Hi folks,
As you know, I  trek with my group in the desert,
and I want to share with you this experience.
I am going to tell you about one of the desert delights:

The  Caper Bush:

In contrast to the dry and harsh desert conditions, it is ever-green.
Look at its delicate flower.
Its’ blossom, in the  desert barren lands,
looks like a fata morgana (mirage).

There is a wonderful legend about this enigmatic bush:

Once upon a time.... there was king.

(There is always a king in legends!)

And the king had a daughter.
(There is no legend without a princess!)
She was (but of course) beautiful, and clever.
She was in her prime.

But one day ( there is always “one day”),
the king noticed that she was not well.
As the days passed, she grew thinner and weaker.
Desperate as he was, and after no remedy has been found,
the king asked his citizens for help.

And there was this  young and poor shepherd,
who came to the palace and offered a bizarre remedy,
a caper bush.


No one believed he could cure the princess with this
odd thing, so he was driven out of the palace!
Before leaving, the poor shepherd planted the
caper bush near the palace wall.

The bush, accustomed to grow anywhere,
climbed high and reached to the princess’s window.
One day,  seeing its wonderful flower,
she opened the window and cried


A branch of the bush entered her open mouth,
lodged in her throat,
and when she stepped back frightened,
the branch came out with a huge leech
stuck to  its’ curved thorn…

This was her salvation!
Where was the shepherd?
Did they get married and live happily ever after?
If it is like in the tales, then – Yes, Oh , Yes!
But frankly - I don’t know...


Speaking about flowers, here is another flower jewel of mine

Did you like going back to the fairy-tale land?
I’d like you very much to comment down below .

Thank you,