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Feb 13, 2017

                         Valentine’s Gifts?
                      Not what you think…

Valentine greeting card dated 1909.


This time, I am making an exception:
I am going to write about my family.

To be more specific -
about the jewels I’ve made
for the four
grown-up women
in my family, for Valentine’s Day:
[Is this day is dedicated only to romantic lovers?...]

I feel blessed and lucky:
-  I’m lucky to have two daughters and two daughters-in-law;
- I’m lucky to be able to give them my hand-made gifts;
- I’m lucky that they love them
  (At least they say so…)

My eldest daughter loves earrings.
She has long curly hair,
so I’ve made her long earrings,
which were selected from my listings at my ETSY shop :

My younger daughter DOES NOT like jewelry!
[Is this the result of my bad education???]
The only jewel she wears
is a ring I made her
long a time ago.
So, I made her another ring…
She has a big palm with chubby fingers,
so I’ve made a dramatic piece ,
with a big raw Aqua Marine stone,
held by five “arms” of solid gold:

My elder daughter-in-law
is an elegant lady who adores jewelry.
She asked for a bracelet.
As I am now in my “geometric period”,
I designed a bracelet
which is composed of three attached elements:
A ring, a chain of small pentagons,
and a rectangular bracelet:

Last ( certainly not least), I designed for
my younger daughter-in-law
a long statement pendant
which will fit
her wide long dresses she wears:

If you also want a special design,
I’ll be glad to be challenged!
Visit my shop -

Love , be loved!

and -