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Oct 30, 2015

Geometrical  Jewelry?  Me??? (1)

I would like to share with you
my reflections 
about my new
geometric collection.

As I’ve already hinted in the title,
I surprised myself with this collection,
because, as a Nature lover, and a “veteran” hiker,
my inspiration derives from biomorphic forms,
which means soft, round and twisted lines.

Mount Sdom (Sodom),near the Dead Sea, Israel:

Winter blossoming in the desert, Israel:

Here are some of my nature inspired jewels:

But then, there are also geometric forms in Nature, like-

The Volcanic Hexagon pool in the Golan Heights, Israel

Although, I admit, I had not thought about them
when I made this collection…

This time, I was influenced by my other love –
ART, and more specifically - Contemporary Art.

Two great artists in the beginning of the 20th century
focused on geometric forms, and left a significant legacy,
influencing following artists.
(Of course, you would say: “I know, she is going to write
about Pablo Picasso and Cubism…” Not this time!)

I am going to write about them in my next post.

So, let's meet again soon,