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Feb 4, 2014

Where is the Land of Endless Possibilities?

                                                         (Part 2)   

The Indian fascinating chaos is composed,
 among other things, of   colors.

Colors are dominant everywhere.
They enhance  the  harsh Indian people with joy and humor.
Look at the women’s clothes:

Or at the Southern Indian  temples and at  the  religious festivities:

Indians have a strong urge for ornamentation and beautification.
Of course, the origins go back to ancient traditions,
as can be seen by the sculptures in  old temples:

Even Nandi, the mythological “vehicle” of the god Shiva,
is  adorned with jewels:

Talking about  Indian vehicles, 
they are often  ornamented with humor.
There is a wide scope for  individual creativity.
Whether it is the tradional  vehicle -

Or a modern one - 

There is more to come.
Bye for now, 
and see you in the next post


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