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Sep 11, 2013

The Annual Meditation Day

“Yom Kippur”, the Jewish day of Atonement,
is one of Israel’s most unique days.
Not that I am religious.
I do not go to the synagogue nor do I  pray.
Yet, I find that day very special
and I am happy to experience it year after year.
The day before – Yom Kippur’ eve, 
you can feel how the  typical  atmosphere
gradually  slows down in the streets.
The whole country is put on hold:
Traffic  gradually stops, people 
gather at homes.

Quiet wraps the world
like a soft blanket.
Can you imagine?
Suddenly you can hear birds’ singing,
in the middle of the city…
There is not a single store open,not a single bus running, 
 nor is  there  public radio or TV on the air.
(I guess the unfamiliar tourists are probably shocked…)
As I said: Israel is on hold. 
In the evening, everyone, especially young families
and youngsters, go out
and walk in the middle of  the  streets

(as there is absolutely no traffic).

For one day a year, people return to old times
and socialize face to face…
Back at home, I prefer to do something spiritual
like read, or listen to music.
Most of all, I enjoy the  absolute  quiet,
knowing that I am experiencing a unique 
phenomena …

This is the time of the year we address each other with

                                “Shana Tova”

                                ( a happy new year)

               which  I  warmly  send   to every one of you!


To bring in  good  new  year,
I have made  specially joyful
and optimistic earrings, which are my
“rose-colored glasses”…

See you in my next post, next year…