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Dec 21, 2017

                                         Japan Through my Eyes  

As you probably realize,
I recently visited this amazing country,
which is so different from my Mediterranean Israel…
I am not going to analyze anything!
There are “ton” of serious researches on Japan.
I’d just like to share with you my reflections,
being only  a “pop-up” visitor.

*       There are no trash cans in the streets!!!
Yet, the streets, the  train stations, everywhere
are totally clean!
(There are trash cans only in train stations
and in the many astonishing toilets spread everywhere)
The Japanese take their trash home.
What self-discipline!

* People, who catch a cold, wear masks in public.
   Being a goldsmith, I usually wear it when working,
   How thoughtful they are of others!

   and I know how inconvenient it feels!


and Them:

  *   The world-wide “cellular plague “
    is prevailing in Japan.
   Surly, everyone is busy
         with this wonderful/awful device.
   But – nobody speaks by it
   in public!

*     Whenever there are two people waiting,
there is a QUE:
One stands exactly behind the other.
Not before him, not beside him…
For us – Israelis,
(together with some other countries…)
it is admirable!

 *  There is a surprising contradiction between
the Japanese sense of beauty and esthetics,
and their sensitivity for colors (kimonos, food, gardens),
and the grayness of their houses,
especially in suburbs and in the countryside.
Their houses are surprisingly monochrome gray from the outside.


*Japanese beauty everywhere: Kimonio, Food, Sewer hole covres.

 Here are my favorites:

The town of Kanazawa -
Because of its most beautiful gardens,
(at least among those I've seen).
and because of  its esthetic orientation.
Here is an example -
This is what you first see, when you  get off the train:

 The gate of  the train station; Japanese teapot

Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima the Art islands.

I was impressed with the wonderful contribution
of the great industrial and commercial companies,
who financed the building of museums
and the purchasing of  the best art-works
from all-over the world, including local art.
I was excited  with the combination
of the wild and amazing landscape of the islands
and Art!

Yayoi Kusama's pumpkin

Last, but not least,
is the great organization of volunteer tour-guiding: 
English-speaking volunteers helped us to manage
      in the efficient but “monstrous” traffic system (especially in Tokyo),
      and took us to places we requested.Thanks to them, we got answers to the many things we did not understand.Thanks to them, we did not fill as being  in a bubble,the way a tourist usually feels. They did a great job.
                   Thank you Kochi!
             Thank you Keiko!
             Thank you Taeko!
              and others!!

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      Merry everything!
Happy always!
Joy, Peace and Love!