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Nov 22, 2013

Am I The Last (or lost…) Mohican ?

As the Holidays are almost here,
and family reunions approaching,
I would like to share with you
my “struggle” under these circumstances:

When my “tribe” is gathering at my home
(every other weekend),
I confiscate the about 12 cellular phones,
and give them back to their owners before depart,

trying to avoid this situation:

(Here are some of them, in their “normal” position…)

It is not easy!
The adults cooperate, laughing at my desperate move.
The teenage grandchildren try to dupe me,
and finally cooperate.
The younger ones, who were practically born
with the phone in their hand,
are the most difficult challenge…

But I can proudly say that there are achievements:

People are communicating!
Children talk to each other with
their mouth, not with their fingers…
and some of them even started  leaving 
their phones at home!

As a “relic” of the verbal generation,

I hereby call upon you:


Start at home, and tell me  about your experience .


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I wish you happy Holidays and a very good New Year!


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