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Dec 23, 2012

HOW TO STORE JEWELS? (post no. 3)

I would like to share with you some tips
about storing Silver, Gold and Gems,
as well as costum jewelry or accessories.

                                  There are some “do’s and don’ts”
                                  concerning the materials of the jewels:

 Accessory  jewels (beautiful as they are), 
usually are made of materials like plastic, 
metal alloys, high standard crystal glass (like Swarovski),
or cheap glass.
This kind of jewelry, you can store in the open air.
They are reachable, visible and
add to the atmosphere of the room.
That’s what I did when I was young,
but I learned my lesson…
You have  to clean the dirt and dust off that jewelry,
an unnecessary and annoying action,
which can also cause  damage…
Which  inevitably brings us to the conclusion
that it is better to store jewelry in a closed container.
Silver and Gold jewelry are to be stored
in a closed place,as the metals react
to temperature changes
by widening and shrinking.
This may cause a “metal fatigue”
and finally break or crack the item.

Gold is more stable but still you have to shine and clean it.
As for Silver- all kinds of Silver alloys –
(the 925 Sterling Silver is the most concentrated,
and  most common), –they tend to blacken
in the open air, and become oxidized.
Since most of us like the Silver
bright and shiny, keeping Silver jewels
in a closed place will slow  down this process. 
(There are jewels which have been intentionally
oxidized by the designer).
 Here is an example of an intentionally
 oxidized piece from my ETSY shop:
Turquoise, Zircon, Garnet, Leather and Silver Necklace - "Carnation Bouquet"

And here is the same  piece in its burnished version:
Onyx, Hematite and Silver Beaded Necklace in Black and White with a Carnation Pendant - "Black Carnation"

That is for today.

I would be delighted to answer questions
and help wherever possible!

Happy Holidays .

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