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Dec 14, 2012

How to Make Your Birthday Extra Special?


Today , the15th  of December, is my birthday!

How does an average woman like me celebrate her birthday?

- Receiving  flowers/gifts ;

-Going out for dinner with or without /theatre/movie ;

And that is it !

Do I remember my past  birthdays ? No!

They were more or less alike…

Except   one   birthday  I will never  forget!

I very much want to share this one with  you :

It was a   present   from me to myself : A trip to Burma.

(Relax, and don’t   sign out, as I am not going to tell the whole story!

Just about my birthday night)         

So there we were – three  bold grandmothers,

experienced- trekkers , on a self-planned trip.

During the trip, we made a trek (with a local  guide ) to the

villages  of  the northern mountains.

Here are the three of us, in the trek, under a Budhi  tree,

( the Buddhist  holy tree).

We ate in the villagers’ houses, dressed   in  their
festive costumes, and took part in a local wedding.

Then we made a “ Buddhist  pilgrimage” ,

by climbing 1000  or so mud -stairs,

 to a Buddhist shrine.

At sunset, we arrived:

It was an overwhelming  spot,  on “the top of the world”,

with a breathtaking view.

 (no pictures as it was getting dark…)

It was  freezing  cold…

The monks invited us to get warm near the fire they had lit.

This was a  very  funny situation:

 We were standing  and  trembling  in one side of the fire,

and  the monks were doing the same on the opposite  side

of the fire.

 We could not talk to  them  so we   giggled

all the while making body gestures to each other…

But the night, my  birthday  night,  was the highlight of this trek:

We  slept  with eight  Buddha  sculptures,
watching over us.
They were   decorated   with small  green blinking lights,
and we  were lying under  their feet .

And there was another  living creature  watcher over us:

A mouse, which every once in a while

 was  crossing his territory, putting us on alert…

That was my birthday night, the 15th of December :

 Funny and  weird…

                    -  -    -   -    -     -    -    -    -    -    -    -

This year – I celebrate and invite you to  enjoy with me:

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