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Dec 31, 2012

How to Store Jewelry (post no. 4)

After we had properly stored
silver and gold  jewels,
it  is time to talk about 
Jewelry with gems :
Water colors Necklace and Pendant with Fluorite, Amethyst and  Amazonite 
We have to take into consideration,
 that the open air causes changes
on certain gems:
(Aren’t we all influenced by it???
 For better and for worse…)
 I‘ll mention here the most popular stones:

Turquoise – 
 Its color turns in the open air
  to a sort of yellowish-light green.
It does not change its quality
and more than that  -
some  think it is more beautiful
 (like me for instance…)
Here is an example of Turquoise earrings
 from my Etsy shop:

Coral –
Its color tends to fade in strong light.
Here is an example of Coral jewels
 from my ETSY shop:

They  react  the opposite way
 to light and open air:
 They need to “breath”…
They have to be kept either
 in open air (!)
 or in a “breathing” wrap,
 like paper, cloth or leather bags.
Otherwise they will “die”
 i.e. they will ‘lose’ their special
 “pearlite” brightness and their
 color will  become matt and yellowish.
Here is pearl jewels
  taken from my ETSY shop:
That is for today.
Did you find my tips useful?
Do you have question relating
to storing jewelry?
 I would be delighted to answer questions
 and help wherever possible!
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