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Dec 10, 2012


Many of us like to keep jewelry in the original gift package,
which is sometime as beautiful as the jewel itself...
Here are some beautiful gift packages,
I would keep at home, with the jewels:  

Dryer Pillow Sheets Sachet Keep Calm and Recycle On SET of THREE




Others store them in a special closed jewelry box.
Here are my favorites, found at ETSY shops:

Big Blue Mele Jewelry Box


Personalized Rustic Jewelry Box, unique details and drawer. BIG SIZE
 There are some who prefer hanging them in the open air

on a special hanging device or on the wall.  
Here are some nice options, found in ETSY shops: 




Blonde Vintage Hardware Jewelry Window


I would like to share with you some tips
 about storing Silver, Gold and Gems,
as well as custom jewelry or accessories.
There are some “do’s and don’ts” concerning the materials of the jewels about which I will talk in my next posts:

How do you store your jewels at home?

Maybe it is time to improve their place??

I will be glad to help.

Write to me

                           and -                                         
                                         A free gift will be sent to the
                                     30 first  readers who will
                                     enlist here until 31 January, 2013.
The gift is a special  cleaning cloth for jewelry about  which I’ll write in my next  posts .

See you in my next post.


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