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Nov 29, 2012


1147703We ar765817e collectors by nature.  
In the distant past we collected food,
and now we collect objects…
                 As the years go by, we have “tons“
 of clothes and jewelry,
 piling in our closet…
 which are waiting for their ” Last Day”.
The day of the “Last  Judgment”
 usually comes when we have to move
to another place.
That is what happened to me  twice.
 I was amazed at the quantities of...
you know what. No need to go into details… 
I was glad to get rid of the clothes
(I even gave away my “aged” wedding dress
 as well as my dresses for my children’s weddings).
But– I did not give away any of my jewelry!
 I still have jewelry from my “Bat-Mitzvah”
 (Imagine – I am a Grandma now…)
I guess we get very sentimental concerning our jewelry.


What are we doing with this huge and old


 We usually store our jewelry
 in one of the 3 main options:
- Many of us like to keep the jewels
   in its original gift box,
   which is sometime as beautiful
   as the jewel itself.
- Others store them in a special closed
   jewelry box
   (maybe a safe…) or in a closet  drawer.
 - There are some of us who prefer
    hanging them in the open air
    on a special hanging device or on the wall
   (as I did when I was young and looked for


Hand painted turquoise/Green  Wooden Jewelry Box


This is my favorite jewelry box,
 which I found in the interesting retro
 style Etsy shop



Jewelry Dipslay with glass doors with stud slots - RTS


And this is another solution ,
also one of my favorite,
which I found in the vintage style
 Etsy shop .


Sometimes it feels good and up-dated

 to wear our Retro jewelry, and to cling

 to the  dear and sweet memories attached to them,
 but alas, they are  worn-out and  impossible to wear!

In my next posts, I am going to give

you several tips about the best ways

to store your jewelry, that will keep them

 in their best shape:
 shiny, clean and almost new.
 Until then, think about your way  of storing
 and look at your old jewelry.

 Do they need to be refreshed? 

Bye now,


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