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Nov 8, 2015

Geometrical  Jewelry? Me??? (4)

Having specialized in Contemporary Art,
(especially in Minimalism),
I found myself influenced by
the clear and clean lines of
minimalist forms.

My new geometric  collection is based
on the generic form of a pentagon.

But my pentagon is a “hybrid creature”:
It is based on the generic geometric form,
but it is not as accurate and equilateral,
because it has been designed
and created by hand.

My pentagons are a kind of nostalgic tribute to
hand-made jewelry!

Jewelry, especially of geometrical designs,
are being designed and made today by machine:
Rhino software, laser cutting and the new 3d dimension printing. 
Unlike all these, my inaccurate pentagons
have the vibrations and the warmth
of a human touch!...

My designs are composed of pentagons of five sizes,
in two forms – full and hollow.

My new Geomtric collection is now on  Chistmas Sale:

Enjoy  the 20% off , valid until 10 December.

See you in my shop


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