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Nov 4, 2015

Geometrical  Jewelry? Me??? (3)

As I’ve already mentioned, in my two previous posts,
I was surprised at myself with my new 

geometric collection.

In this collection,
I was influenced by my other love
(except for Nature)
Being more specific,by
Contemporary Art.

I would like to discuss about another most influential artist
from the beginning of the 20th century,
who focused on geometric forms:

Piet Mondrian  (1872-1944)

The Dutch  artist, who created in the same years
as Malevich, said:

I wish to approach truth as closely as is possible,
 and therefore I abstract everything
until I arrive at the fundamental quality of objects."

Mondrian, as Malevich, reduced painting
to basic and generic geometric forms.
He focused on rectangulars, straight lines, and primary colors.
His abstract painting was influenced by
the Theosophical theory, rooted in the antique classical time.

Pier and Ocean, composition no. 10,, 1915.

Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow,
Black, Gray, and Blue, 1921.

According to Mondrian,
the basic vertical and horizontal lines,
based in mathematical principals,
and asymmetrical compositions,
represented the basic universal opposing forces :

-The positive and the negative;
-The dynamic and the static;
-The masculine and the feminine.

While Malevich struggled in creating
under the Communist regime of the USSR,
Mondrian worked in Paris, London and New York.
His late works reflected the western city life style,
especially  “the New York state of mind”,
and the contemporary Jazz rhythms.
We can see it in his last unfinished work,

Broadway Boogie-Woogie,1943.

Alongside with his writings about Neo-Platonism,
and not least important, is the fact that
his works “penetrated” into popular art
and commercial  items:

In fashion:

In furniture:

In children games:

Mondrian’s art influenced not only “high art”,
but also “pop art”.

Here I come to me.
Humble me,
was influenced by abstractization!

I’ll talk about my new
geometric collection
in my next post.
See you there,


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