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Nov 2, 2014

How to Retain my Individuality?

I have travelled many times abroad, for short periods.
This time was exceptional, as it lasted six months.
Long enough to feel comfortable in  foreign surroundings ,
but short enough to maintain the “outsider  perspective”.

During this time,  I deeply comprehended the prophetic thesis
of Hardt and Negri, the authors of
“Empire”, dated back  to 2000.

In spite of its title, the book is a non-fiction
socio- political and economic analysis
of the changing global order, taking place in our time.

The new emerging “Empire” is
the non-political borderless and global


I observed and did a great deal  of ”window shopping”
in western European cities, 
and could see this thesis materializing in front of my eyes:
In every city large and small,
there are the same shops!
Standardization prevails in every aspect.
A few international companies control the market.
In spite of the wonderful and amazing window-displays,
seeing them time and again,
it became  boring and monotonous!

The small shops, the individual enterprises,
the artisan and handcraft shops have disappeared!
You can hardly find them in small
side alleys, usually in the medieval old quarters,
(subsidized by the local authorities
out of touristic considerations).

Here I come back the question mentioned above:
How to retain  individuality
in this changing world?

Then I realize – there is a way
and it is becoming more and more relevant:


Two years ago I made this choice, by opening a shop
in the online virtual mall of   

Only now,  I realize that this is the ultimate arena
for the individual creator and consumer.
There are still people who look for personal
creativity, and that is the way to reach them.

For instance, look at some finds (called “treasury”),
made by ETSY members:


For ecology devotees, there are many  beautiful
recycled items.
Here are some examples:

Last (but not least) -
I’ll meet you my ETSY shop,

There you can enjoy my special for

Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Merry Christmas


A Happy New Year , 



  1. Vita- your article hits to the core of what is happening all over the U.S. When my husband and I take road trips we find the same chain shops and restaurants in almost every town, large and small. It is becoming very hard to find the boutiques and independently owned shops. Beautifully written Blog!!!!
    All the best,

  2. Thank you Lisa for your comment.It's comforting to know that you can share your own inshights...
    As a grownup (grandma...), I guess I express my frustration, my wonder, while living in this rapidly changing environment, (in fact we are experiencing a new industrial revolution - the digital).
    In everyday life, it means that we - the experienced, cannot advise our children, who are raising their own children in a different world...
    Read my post "The Last Mohican"
    Keep in touch, and be well