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Mar 27, 2014

My Homage to -

the Land of Endless Possibilities

For  jewel lovers like me,
India is the right place!
Look at the pilgrims at the temple,

or  at the young and poor humble mother,
who is helping her husband, the  blacksmith,
in the market:

No wonder I came back charged with ideas .

Before I  introduce  my  new “Indian” item,
I would like to share with you my buying experience:

I saw the Rose- quartz slices in a small shop
at  the  magnificent archeological town of Hampi .

Unfortunately, I did not take photos there,
but you can feel the atmosphere
of the place in the following photos:

Back to my buying experience:

The shop owner was a goldsmith like me,
so you can guess about our conversation.
He showed me his working corner and his tools.
He worked sitting on the floor,
while his tools were placed under the counter…

Well, since I have been always inspired by natural stones,
these slices of Rose-quartz “tempted” me!
They look like a stone flower, or
like a “cold” flame.

I gave them "new life" by inlaying them
in silver frames:

I combined them with their “relatives”
 - Rose-quartz beads  -
and with a silver chain.
Here is the completed item:

Enjoy and comment below.

See you soon,


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