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Feb 23, 2013

Is  it “Wow” or “Yuck”


(About Kitsch in Art)

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What about Contemporary Art?


The Post-Modernism of  which  heyday was in the 1980s, reinforced
the tendency of mixing “high” and “low” art and of challenging the
elitist attitude of the artistic establishment.

Jeff Koons, Puppy,(1992).
A floral statue of a dog at the entrance of the
Guggenheim Bilbao museum. 


The subversive and ironic  approach of the Post-Modernists, against modern images, caused the artists to use kitschy images as bad and  negative examples of the culture of the past. Again, Kitsch was taken out of its context, but  was given a different meaning from that of the Pop-Art.

Jeff koons, Baloon Dog, 1994.
At the Chateau de Versailles.  


Still – in one way or another – Kitsch  was present in museums…


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Talking of Kitsch - 
I cannot  ignore my kitschy and cute butterflies!


Butterfly is a  beautiful  animal .
So beautiful that any photo of it seems “gaudy as a butterfly”,and is suspected as a manipulated Kitsch.
Here are butterfly photos, taken in the Alps during the Tour de-Mont Blanc.
(I am an experienced trekker for the last 26 years…)





The cliché  meaning of the butterfly is – Freedom.
But for me it is the symbol of the uniqueness of life.
Life is beautiful  and colorful as a butterfly
But is  short as its’ life...
We must enjoy it!
Make the best of this wonderful gift!

Here are my butterfy jewels:


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  1. Hey Vita,
    What a lovely collection of butterflies.
    Very unique and beautiful.
    I love it.

  2. So enjoying all your pictures, your take on art, and mostly looking at your fabulous pieces. Just when I think I know what I would like to buy, you surprise me with something else:)

  3. Claire dear,

    I hope to keep on and surprise you and the rest of the world....

    Ha ha ha ...