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Feb 3, 2013




We all know  that  both colors of  red and pink, are symbols of love,
and that they are connected to
Valentine’s  Day.

Then – what is the difference?    What color to choose?

Well – the two colors differ in meaning: Red color is associated with the physical aspects of love, it refers to passionate love. Pink color is associated with the spiritual aspects of love,
n un-conditional and enduring love, what we call
“TLC” – tender, love, care. 
And also a self-love,which  is essential
for giving love to others…

In 1983, the artists Christo and Jean-Claude, launched a huge  and ambitious one-of-a-kind installation  (of which only the preparatory drawings and the photos remain): They wrapped the coastlines of  11 uninhabited islands in Biscayne Bay, in Miami with pink woven synthetic fabric. The artists did not explain their choice of pink color,but from the point of view of  pink symbolism, it seems they wrapped  Nature  with tender and caring love…

when we choose our presents to our loved ones, we have to consider the color…

Here are some items in red I love, taken from Etsy shops :

1.                                                      2.
On Sale. HAND MADE. Valentine SCarf. Christmas crochet scarf. RED scarf . Long lariat scarf.          SKULL & Bones Leg Warmers Red Skull Leg Warmers with Hand Stitched Black Lace Trim Skull Boot Socks

   3.                                                4. 
 Silver Branch and Leaves Earrings with Red Garnet Beads       Red heart patched leggings, tights in black

  5.                                               6.
for Men and Women Ring Sterling Silver with 9k Gold and Enamel black and red Unisex       Red Coral  Beads Necklace, with a Spiral GF Clasp - "Sunset in Gold and Red"

7.                                                 8.
Ruby Red Coral Bowl - Medium Art Glass Bowl Beachy Decor     Solid Gold and Wine Red Faceted Garnet Earrings  - "Sparkling Wine"






Here are some items in pink I love, taken from Etsy shops:

 1.                                                  2.
Pink Double Jewel Drop Earrings in Rose Quartz         Newborn Photo Prop Pink Braided Satin Headband With Pearls on Elastic Baby Girl Headband

  3.                                                4.
Pink Chalcedony Ring 11 x 9mm -  14K Gold and Sterling Silver         Bracelet with Pink and Grey Rhodonite and a Charm - "Rose & Gold Circle"

  5.                                                6.
6 M vintage 80's hot pink leather Connie mary-jane fringe moccasin flats shoes         Tourmaline and Pink Rose Quartz Necklace with Gold Filled Beads - "Rainbow Dusk"

  7.                                                8.
Decorative pillow and Handmade Decorative Bird-Throw pillow-Accent pillow- bird and squirrel-Pink pillow, Ready to ship        Pink Rhodonite and Gold Filled Earrings - "Rose Romance"





                                                        Be My Valentine - Paper Cut Greeting Card - pink

What present would you like to get, red or pink?

Please share in the comments here below.

Thank you,



  1. Vita!
    You ae amazing!!!
    Your eye for beautifulk and interesting stuff is
    wonderful, I've never seen these installations before, and I love the items you show here!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Limitz. I think those artists were very ambitious and brave!And they did love the world and wanted to show it from different prospective.


  3. Hi Vita,

    Thank you for including my ring in your blog. Your blog was thoughtful and informative. Sometimes I think the colors we wear and surround ourselves with reveal so much without speaking a word.

    Your shop and jewelry are lovely.

    Best regards,
    Joia Jewelry