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Jan 11, 2013

Winter Celebration in Israel

This winter we celebrate:

After 7 successive years of drought,we have a “rainy” winter.I mean “pouring” winter! 

Half the state is paralyzed,soaked, 
and flooded but –still – we celebrate.

Our national mood is rising
with the rising water level
of  lake Kineret (the sea of Galilee)
which  is our main water source.
Lake Kineret from space:

(It was probably taken in summer,
as only few green spots are
seen on the ground)
It inspired me to create these earrings,
which are now on SALE in my shop.

Lake Kineret this winter,
at its highest water-level since 2003.
And this is a good reason
to share with you the joy of a good winter:
Where do you live?
What is special in YOUR winter?

Please share in the comments here below


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