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Jan 20, 2013

                WHY RED?




The colors of red and pink are related to

Valentine’s Day,  the lovers’ day.

Speaking about red, my intuitive  guess was

 that red is the  most popular color

among people all over the world.

As a mother and a grandma,

I know that red is the first color babies identify,

and it is mostly  attractive to them.

But  amongst  adults? -

 Well, I was wrong!

A poll, taken in 2003,

 by Joe Hallock

showed that only

 7% (men) and 9% (women)

preferred red,

while 57% men and 35% women

preferred –surprise: Blue...

Did it surprise you?

In fact, I  did notice that most of my clothes

are in all kinds of blue variations...

What is your favorite color?

What color is dominant in your closet?

               Please share in the comments

                               here below





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