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Nov 5, 2013

Are These Holidays also Mine?

As the Christmas and New Year  holidays approach, 
I often wonder about their relevance to me
as an Israeli and a Jew…

Well, these holidays are both nothing and everything to me!
I have recently read, a fascinating and most highly recommended book, 
clarifying our contemporary world, by describing and analyzing
the present 
society and the  world’s  new  order:


According to this book,
I am a citizen of the world’s 
new order,
which the authors call “Empire”.

This order is not a state, or an empire,
in their historical sense!
The new order is based on the capitalist 
and cyber economy.
It has no historical roots.
In fact, it is a new “creature”,
established in the 20th century, 
and is  still developing today.

We are all its citizens.

The world is no longer  just -“a”- “ global village”,
but rather a multi-cultured, multi- religious, multi- ethnic Empire.
So, as a citizen of the  Empire, these holidays are also mine!

We all celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanza
as a   tribute to the multi- cultured citizens of the Empire.

….And of course, living in the capitalist system,
these are excellent occasions for Sales….

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