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Aug 25, 2013

What  became of it?

(My New Collection)

Recently, I have launched a new collection of stylized leaves,
and I would like to share with you the process of creating them.

The inspiration for this collection, was born many years ago,
when I was a high school student.
During classes, in the rare moments when I was not chatting
with my friends (not via phones of course, but by notes…),
I used to scribble in my notebook.
Gradually, these scribbles turned into patterns.
(Is it familiar to you?)
Here is one of my favorite patterns:

I could not imagine  then, that it would become a 
modulus for my jewelry collectionZAs in the future…
Now, I have made several versions of this pattern,
in three sizes.
Here are the molded items:

And, like a child,  I began “playing” with them,
and making different combinations. For instance:

Now – to the hand work:
The soldering, which is the first stage,
is (for me) the easiest act.

And then comes the “ hard work”, literally,

both dirty and exhausting : 
Levitating, cleansing,  finishing, shining and cleansing
again and again.

This is how it looks after  cleaning the solded item:

Finally, after this long process,
here is my

  Stylized Leaves Collection :






Come on,  join my creation process:
Share with me your  combination of these motives – 
Send it to me, and the first sample 
will be yours for free!



  1. Dear Vita,
    The leaf motif jewelry is truly stunning. I love the solid/hollow combination, it reminds me of yin-yang. And I love your blog. You make me want to run down to the cellar and look through my old notebooks for "scribbles".
    Wishing you a happy and peaceful New Year.

  2. Dear Anonumous,

    Thank you. I love your comment. Yes, I actually do have a pendant reminding the Yin-yang (from that collection) and I'll published it in F. Look there:
    If you find some old scribles I can help with turning them into jewels...
    Besides - who are you? I have 2 hints: You have a cellar and you use the word "cellar" and not "basement"...
    I am curiuos...