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Jun 22, 2013

What this has to do with jewelry???

I’ll answer that later, but first –
for those who wondered
why I have uploaded fewer posts lately,
here is the reason:

I am researching this contemporary artist,
as my last duty for my MA degree in History of
Learn about his work and watch this video,
taken in an exhibitionin Berlin, last year.
It represents most of his latest work.

Eliasson creates for us, the spectators, experiences and phenomena,
and invites to take an active part in them and, in fact,
to be elements in his artistic work.
(Look at the people performing with their multi-shadows…)

I wander:

What is the difference between his artistic works
and the spectacles we see in amusement parks like
“Disney World”?
Does the fact that his creations are exhibited in museums,
makes them pieces of Art?

I  am  trying to answer these questions in my small and humble
research thesis…

What does all of this have  to do with jewelry???



…Except for the fact that I am the same person
who makes the jewelry…And maybe, maybe, certain features
my  studying of Art…

For instance, here are  my  “astronomic” earrings,
which are reminiscent of celestial objects:

Here is our beautiful planet earth –


 And this is the full moon:

I’ll be very glad to hear your opinion about “spectacles” in museums.

and about my earrings.

Please, leave your comment below.

See you soon,



  1. Friday night we took three of our grandchildren to the Boston Museum of Science to spend the night at the museum. The things that they found consuming were so simple, not particularly scientific, but with some scientific lessons, but inexpensive, and utterly absorbing.

    What absorbs us and consumes us is in the mind, not in the wallet. What challenges our minds stimulates our creativity, and so, beautiful jewelry for some, a scientific experiment for another, the written word, a video, or some other expression of the creativity stimulated by the experience.

  2. Thank you.
    Even the scientific virtual illustrations are artisticly beautiful.
    Eliasson uses them in his artistic work.