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Mar 17, 2013

What Makes the Vegetable Salad Irresistible???


Today I decided to deviate from my blog subjects – Art and Jewelry,
 to write about

                                    “Food, Wonderful Food!”

 We, Israelis, are obsessive diners. We eat a lot! Big dishes and big meals!
(If the dish in a restaurant is poorly loaded, I mean – is stylishly arranged,
it is considered  as overcharging and  miserly…)

What is the first question a Jewish mother is asking any family member of hers?

“Have you eaten?”
I admit – I do it all the time, I cannot avoid it…Maybe it derives from
our collective memory of the hard life in the Diaspora...
(Well, it is my uneducated guess).

I am going to write about Making an Israeli Vegetable salad:
This is an exhausting  (yet rewording) process:

- Washing  and peeling the cucumber, and then – cutting it into cubes;
- Washing  and cleaning the tomato, and then – cutting it into cubes;
- Washing  and cleaning the the pepper (red/green/yellow),
   and then – cutting it into cubes;
- Cutting the lettuce into strips;
- Peeling and washing the onion and then – cutting it into cubes;
- Washing  and cleaning the raddishes, and then – cutting it into cubes;

Well, it is easier to write it by copy/paste, than making it literally.

And here comes the most annoying stage: making the dressing:


-Adding salt;
-Adding lemon juice;
-Adding olive oil;
- Adding  garlic;
Adding and adding and adding!!!
After about thousand  times of making salads  this way, I decided to make a shortcut: I prepare my divine  multi-purpose salad dressing   once a week,and here are my ingredients:(Do not ask me the amounts. A Jewish mother cooks with intuition!)

The relationship between the olive oil and the rest of the ingredients is
 2/3 oil and 1/3 the rest.



-  Smashed garlic (I use smashed frozen garlic);

-   Salt ( taste the dressing. It has to be really salty
as we put only a small amount of it in the salad);

-    Dried Oregano;

  -   Lemon juice;
  -   Balsamic vinegar  (Just a little for the color and the aroma); 
  -  Olive oil;  
Shake before using,  pour about one table spoon, blend the salad and
                                                       Bon Appetite!

I use it also for frying a fish fillet and a chicken breast.
It is delicious, yummy!
It is kosher for Passover.
Please try it, and comment below if you like it, and if it makes your life easier...



  1. Hey Vita,
    I tried the salad dressing and the taste was amazing ...
    Thank you,
    Really changed my life ...

    1. The sauce is yummy, but the real "change" in life is making it in advance and storing it in a container.Not in the refrigerator,just on the shelf...

  2. Replies
    1. The real advantage is that you can measure how much sauce you put in the salad.
      Bon Appetite!